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Are Student Trainees Entitled to be Paid as Employees?

In many academic settings, students have the opportunity to work in a controlled and supervised environment in order to learn necessary skills, particularly in fields which require licensing by the state. These student trainees generally are not paid. A recent federal appellate court case addressed the question of whether they are employees and therefore, entitled … Read more

Beware of Liability for Water Flowing onto Your Neighbor’s Property

Property owners often must make improvements to their properties in order to develop them, such as paving, leveling and changing the grade of their land. This process can change how surface waters flow across the property, and may unintentionally cause flooding as water may flow onto surrounding properties. This has historically been the subject of … Read more

New York Employers: Are You Ready? New Sexual Harassment Law Changes Effective Immediately

Earlier this year, New York State and New York City enacted significant changes to sexual harassment laws that affect employers and employees.  Both laws mandate sexual harassment prevention policies and annual training along with other changes.  These requirements go into effect July 11, 2018 through April 1, 2019 depending on the provision.  Below is a … Read more

Your Right to Privacy of Your Medical Records

Individuals have a right of privacy in their medical records under various laws and under the U.S. Constitution. These rights aren’t unlimited, but you can restrict access to your health information and sue if someone violates your rights in certain situations. Your right to sue depends on who breached your privacy and how the breach … Read more

What to Do If Your Car is a Lemon?

If you bought or leased a car that’s a “lemon,” you may have a remedy under New York law. The Lemon Law protects consumers when a car doesn’t meet certain standards and can’t be reasonably fixed. If certain requirements are met, the buyer/lessee can get a free repair or buyback. When does the Lemon Law … Read more