Practice Areas

Commercial Litigation

We have successfully litigated commercial matters in state and federal courts in New York and many other jurisdictions, including Florida, California, Arizona, Illinois, Kentucky, Maryland, Minnesota, Virginia and Washington. Our experience representing both Plaintiffs and Defendants spans all aspects of litigation, including the trial of cases by either judge or jury. Additionally, we have practiced in state and federal appellate courts, and pride ourselves on taking a thorough, reasoned approach to develop the most effective and efficient strategy to favorably resolve your disputes.

Our commercial litigation lawyers experience encompasses a wide array of complex commercial disputes, including fiduciary duty matters, business disputes and dissolutions, matters concerning environmental and real property law, insurance coverage disputes, contract performance and payment disputes and matters involving the contractual and constitutional rights of professional athletes and agents.

In addition to litigating matters in Court, we also have represented clients in mediations, arbitrations and administrative proceedings. These include matters before the American Arbitration Association, court approved mediators, Department of Labor discrimination and wage and hour hearings, and hearings before arbitrators appointed by the National Football League and Major League Baseball.

Our clients include individuals, large and small business entities, not-for-profit organizations, government agencies and law firms. We also serve as local counsel for lawyers from other jurisdictions, helping navigate New York’s procedural rules and customs as well as assisting in the development and effectuation of overall legal strategy.

We have found that the diversity of our experience, with each of our lawyers’ familiarity and experience with both litigation and the transactional aspects of real estate, trusts and estate and corporate matters brings us the foresight to anticipate and identify issues which may arise in the course of an action.

We use this broad base of knowledge to both develop novel theories of recovery (which have then been accepted by the Courts) and to “pre-litigate” matters, by thoroughly researching potential issues so that we are prepared to anticipate future developments of the case and create a strategy to best take advantage of the strengths and avoid the weaknesses of a case. This approach can also lead to rapid and favorable settlements.

We are sensitive to the costs of litigation and work to develop a strategy which best suits the needs and budget of our clients. Additionally, we have successfully obtained awards of costs, lawyer’s fees and sanctions against others for causing our clients to incur unnecessary expenses by asserting frivolous claims or defenses.