Practice Areas

We Cover a Lot of Ground.

Our diverse areas of practice draw upon our dedication to using our legal skills and research abilities to provide our clients with the best legal services.

Estate and Trust Planning

Developing a complete and effective estate plan not only involves preparing a will, but reviewing existing life insurance policies, retirement accounts, and business interests to make sure that each aspect of the estate plan is on track and targeted to achieve the client’s goals. The importance of a proper estate plan cannot be understated and … Read more

Estate and Trust Administration

The practice of estate and trust administration ranges across a wide array of situations and practice areas. Many of our clients come to us after the passing of a loved one to assist them with the legal and financial aspects of handling the estate of their family member or friend. We have a long track … Read more

Commercial Litigation

We have successfully litigated commercial matters in state and federal courts in New York and many other jurisdictions, including Florida, California, Arizona, Illinois, Kentucky, Maryland, Minnesota, Virginia and Washington. Our experience representing both Plaintiffs and Defendants spans all aspects of litigation, including the trial of cases by either judge or jury. Additionally, we have practiced … Read more

Trust and Estate Litigation

When representing an estate or trust representatives or beneficiaries, we work diligently to resolve any disputes which may arise without the need for litigation. However, in certain instances, it is unavoidable to assert or defend claims before in Court. Litigation can occur at several stages. There may be a challenge to the admissibility of a … Read more

Zoning, Land Use and Real Estate Property Litigation

The Firm has land use and zoning attorneys in Long Island and New York that have extensive experience in such matters. One of the firm’s partners, David Neufeld, currently serves on a municipal Zoning Board having previously chaired that Board for ten (10) years. We have appeared and made submissions before Planning Boards, Zoning Boards, … Read more

Real Estate Transactions

We have handled the purchase and sale of both residential and commercial properties throughout New York State (and occasionally in other states as well). While the majority of our work in this area is the representation of a seller or purchaser of a residential home, condominium or cooperative apartment, our clients have also included the … Read more

Sports Law

The practice of sports law can touch upon a wide variety of practice areas, including labor and employment, contracts, insurance, and regulatory matters and is well-suited to our diverse practice. We have extensive experience representing high-profile professional athletes, coaches and player agents in various legal and endorsement matters. Working with high-profile clients, including athletes, coaches … Read more

Small Business Law

Small businesses face many situations—good and bad—for which they require legal services. Business clients who seek our advice after they are presented with an obstacle or dispute often express that they wish they had consulted with us sooner. An attorneys’ insight into certain aspects of your business—including corporate matters, business relationships and tax matters—can help … Read more