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New York Small Business Attorneys

Small businesses face many situations—good and bad—for which they require legal services. Business clients who seek our legal advice after they are presented with an obstacle or dispute often express that they wish they had consulted with us sooner. A business lawyers’ insight into certain aspects of your company — including business matters, business relationships, and tax matters—can help lay a strong and solid foundation to support your business growth, and avoid potential pitfalls before they arise.

Small Formation Business Attorney

Our NYC business lawyers have represented businesses in a wide range of professions and industries, including transportation companies such as a ferry company, start-ups, retailers, restaurants, real estate companies such as leasing companies and cooperative corporations, hotel owners, law firms, manufacturers, medical businesses, contractors and accountants.

Our legal guidance and services are beneficial no matter the stage your business is in, from formation through dissolution. We have incorporated many business entities, including corporations, partnerships, and limited liability companies, and assisted foreign business organizations to obtain authority to do business in New York. As corporate, or commercial lawyers, we have also counseled our business clients in a variety of matters, including drafting corporate by-laws and operating agreements addressing the rights between owners of the business; overseeing stock issuance, shareholder meetings, and corporate books; ensuring compliance with applicable rules and regulations; and preparing employee manuals and agreements.

Small Business Formation Attorney NYC: Expertise and Services

Our small business attorney New York-based firm has a long and diverse track record in handling regulatory and compliance issues with various matters of corporate governance. This includes obtaining an award of a concession contract from the National Park Service; representing a transportation company before legislatures to obtain franchises and rate increases; handling tax compliance issues and insurance coverage disputes; addressing labor law compliance; handling licensing matters with the New York State Liquor Authority; obtaining requisite land use permits from municipalities; preparing private placement memorandum to permit our clients to seek outside investors without having to register with the Securities and Exchange Commission, and representing businesses in administrative hearings regarding complaints and compliance issues.

It can be easy to overlook that many of your business relationships—whether it be with employees, vendors, customers, landlords or insurers—involve agreements and contracts which define your rights in relation to the individual or business on the other end of the deal. Whether you are a business who needs to sign a lease, a start-up looking to bring on an adviser, a technology company who wants to protect your innovations and proprietary information, or a business who wants to create a licensing scheme for your product—we can help you negotiate the deal, prepare for any issues that may arise and draft the paperwork necessary to protect your interests.

Additionally, these business relationships sometimes give rise to disputes. We have handled a myriad of civil and commercial litigation, arbitrations, and disputes, which you can read more about in the section on our commercial litigation practice.

Navigating Business Changes and Shifts: Legal Guidance and Insight

Finally, businesses may go through changes and shifts. Our business clients value our legal guidance and insight as their business ventures evolve and take new turns. Our small business attorneys have assisted our clients throughout the New York area in navigating asset sales, buyouts, dissolutions, and successfully completing corporate tax conversions (such as a “C” corporation becoming an “S” corporation).