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Why You Must Strictly Comply with Court Orders


Litigation is an adversarial practice where parties will seek to take full advantage of mistakes made by the other side. In some instances, New York’s Civil Practice Law & Rules (CPLR) and other court rules do provide limited opportunities for attorneys to be excused for their inadvertent errors. While they may be forgiven in certain … Read more

Will New York Ban Non-Compete Agreements?

Non-Compete Agreement

Non-competition agreements are fairly common in certain types of jobs and industries. Because they restrict an employee’s future employment prospects, typically, these contracts are limited in that they only apply for a specific length of time and/or a reasonable distance from the previous employer’s business location. However, in recent years, some states are going so … Read more

When Can I Sue a Defendant’s Insurer Directly?


In litigation, a judgment is only as good as a plaintiff’s ability to collect it. When a defendant has insurance, this is usually a less difficult process that does not require freezing bank accounts, garnishing wages, or attaching assets. The plaintiff gets a judgment, the defendant’s insurer pays the judgment.  But what about when a … Read more