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Will New York Ban Non-Compete Agreements?

Non-Compete Agreement

Non-competition agreements are fairly common in certain types of jobs and industries. Because they restrict an employee’s future employment prospects, typically, these contracts are limited in that they only apply for a specific length of time and/or a reasonable distance from the previous employer’s business location. However, in recent years, some states are going so … Read more

When Can You Sue for Negligent Hiring?

Negligent Hiring

If someone is injured by an employee, there may be grounds for suing the employer for negligent hiring and retention of that employee. However, there are strict requirements for bringing a claim which can be difficult to establish, as we discussed in a prior blog post involving a lawsuit against a church. In that case, … Read more

Don’t Lie on an Insurance Application or Your Policy May Be Voided

Don’t Lie on an Insurance Application or Your Policy May Be Voided

An insurance application typically requires applicants to answer several questions which allow the insurance company to assess whether it will provide insurance and, if so, how much it will charge. Applicants must be careful about how they respond because if they lie or make a “material misrepresentation” they risk losing coverage. It is well-settled law … Read more

When Can a Profitable Corporation be Dissolved?

When Can a Profitable Corporation be Dissolved?

In New York, the Business Corporation Law (“BCL”) allows a shareholder who owns 50 percent of a corporation to seek dissolution of the business on various grounds. In a somewhat renowned case in legal circles, litigation between the two shareholders of the law firm Cellino & Barnes, P.C. (the “P.C”) addresses one issue that can … Read more

Partnership Agreements Govern Partnership Disputes

As a general principle, where parties have a contractual relationship, the terms of the agreement will govern any disputes. While there may be other laws that apply to the relationship, they may only be applicable where the contract is silent, invalid or some exception exists. The importance of the parties’ agreement in resolving conflicts also … Read more

Is Your Contract Enforceable?

During contract negotiations, parties often focus more on their verbal discussions than what is ultimately put in writing. However, when the optimism about the agreement fades and one party tries to avoid their obligations under a contract, the lack of attention paid to the details of the written contract can be problematic. A valid contract … Read more


New York City

On May 26, 2020, New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio signed a new law addressing the liability of personal guarantors for the debts of commercial tenants that defaulted due to COVID-19. Governor Andrew Cuomo had previously issued Executive Orders which prohibited the imposition of late charges and temporarily halted evictions of commercial tenants. As a … Read more

ADA Does Not Protect Employees from Stress Caused by the Employer or Supervisor


The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) protects individuals who are disabled (or considered to be disabled) from discrimination in a variety of contexts. In the employment arena, it applies to employers who have 15 or more employees. While it encompasses a wide range of physical or mental impairments, there are limitations in who is considered … Read more