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ADA Does Not Protect Employees from Stress Caused by the Employer or Supervisor


The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) protects individuals who are disabled (or considered to be disabled) from discrimination in a variety of contexts. In the employment arena, it applies to employers who have 15 or more employees. While it encompasses a wide range of physical or mental impairments, there are limitations in who is considered … Read more

ADA Liability for Discrimination Based on a Family Member’s Disability

Most people know that employers cannot discriminate against employees on the basis of certain characteristics such as age, race, gender, and disability. Such discrimination is typically barred by federal, state and local statutes. However, a recent federal court decision by the Second Circuit Court of Appeals brings attention to a lesser-known area of possible discrimination … Read more

Does a Lease’s “No Pet” Provision Apply to Emotional Support Animals?

All landlords should know they cannot discriminate against those who are disabled. The New York Human Rights Law prohibits discrimination throughout the State on the basis of disability, including in housing situations. However, many landlords may not be aware of how broadly the law applies especially in light of a recent court decision protecting disabled … Read more


sexual harassment

The New York Legislature recently passed an anti-sexual harassment law which is likely to make it easier for workers to win their lawsuits. The Bill, which was championed by Governor Andrew Cuomo and is now awaiting his signature, does away with the requirement that the alleged misconduct be “severe or pervasive” in order to constitute … Read more

How the New U.S. Department of Labor Program Will Benefit Workers and Employers

Earlier this year, the U.S. Department of Labor through its Wage and Hour Division (the “Division”) announced a new pilot program to expedite resolution of inadvertent overtime and minimum wage violations under the Fair Labor Standards Act (“FLSA”). The program allows employers to self-report potential violations, reducing the time, money and resources spent to address … Read more

When Can Punitive Damages Be Recovered in Discrimination Cases?

Companies and employees dealing with a possible discrimination claim should be aware of a recent decision by the New York Court of Appeals regarding liability for punitive damages. Often plaintiffs seek punitive damages in an employment discrimination case. However, with respect to claims under the New York City Human Rights Law, it wasn’t clear what … Read more

Latest Discrimination Rules in NY Mean More Risks for Employers

Companies with NY employees need to be aware of two recent legal developments which impose new liability under discrimination rules. There are already an array of different federal, state and local statutes which protect employees (and potential employees) from discrimination on many grounds, including sex, race, disability, and even felony conviction status. These rules impact not only New York based companies, but also out-of-state businesses that require New York employers to follow their employment practices.

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