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Can You Recover Your Money If You Accidentally Overpaid Someone?


Financial transactions happen every day all around the world. Interestingly, whether you’re buying a bottle of water or entering into a multi-million-dollar contract, many of the same basic rules apply. Among those rules are ones that govern what happens if you accidentally overpaid someone. It’s important to know what your obligations are when you pay … Read more

When Can You Sue for Negligent Hiring?

Negligent Hiring

If someone is injured by an employee, there may be grounds for suing the employer for negligent hiring and retention of that employee. However, there are strict requirements for bringing a claim which can be difficult to establish, as we discussed in a prior blog post involving a lawsuit against a church. In that case, … Read more

ADA Does Not Protect Employees from Stress Caused by the Employer or Supervisor


The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) protects individuals who are disabled (or considered to be disabled) from discrimination in a variety of contexts. In the employment arena, it applies to employers who have 15 or more employees. While it encompasses a wide range of physical or mental impairments, there are limitations in who is considered … Read more

ADA Liability for Discrimination Based on a Family Member’s Disability

Most people know that employers cannot discriminate against employees on the basis of certain characteristics such as age, race, gender, and disability. Such discrimination is typically barred by federal, state and local statutes. However, a recent federal court decision by the Second Circuit Court of Appeals brings attention to a lesser-known area of possible discrimination … Read more

2-Step Approach to Avoiding Wage Claims: Internal Audits & Insurance Coverage

Wage Claims

By Jill Weinberg, Esq. Employee wage and hour claims, usually for unpaid overtime, can be financially draining to companies big and small. Unfortunately, they have been on the rise. A good example is MetLife who was recently sued in federal court, in the Southern District of New York for $50 million dollars in unpaid overtime … Read more


sexual harassment

The New York Legislature recently passed an anti-sexual harassment law which is likely to make it easier for workers to win their lawsuits. The Bill, which was championed by Governor Andrew Cuomo and is now awaiting his signature, does away with the requirement that the alleged misconduct be “severe or pervasive” in order to constitute … Read more

Are Student Trainees Entitled to be Paid as Employees?

In many academic settings, students have the opportunity to work in a controlled and supervised environment in order to learn necessary skills, particularly in fields which require licensing by the state. These student trainees generally are not paid. A recent federal appellate court case addressed the question of whether they are employees and therefore, entitled … Read more