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When Can I Sue a Defendant’s Insurer Directly?


In litigation, a judgment is only as good as a plaintiff’s ability to collect it. When a defendant has insurance, this is usually a less difficult process that does not require freezing bank accounts, garnishing wages, or attaching assets. The plaintiff gets a judgment, the defendant’s insurer pays the judgment.  But what about when a … Read more

Don’t Lie on an Insurance Application or Your Policy May Be Voided

Don’t Lie on an Insurance Application or Your Policy May Be Voided

An insurance application typically requires applicants to answer several questions which allow the insurance company to assess whether it will provide insurance and, if so, how much it will charge. Applicants must be careful about how they respond because if they lie or make a “material misrepresentation” they risk losing coverage. It is well-settled law … Read more


Real estate purchasers in New York almost always buy title insurance at the time of the transaction. However, a case decided by the New York Appellate Division, First Department on September 3, 2019 confirmed that even when title insurance is obtained, issues regarding title can still arise. In Akasa Holdings LLC v. 214 Lafayette House, … Read more

2-Step Approach to Avoiding Wage Claims: Internal Audits & Insurance Coverage

Wage Claims

By Jill Weinberg, Esq. Employee wage and hour claims, usually for unpaid overtime, can be financially draining to companies big and small. Unfortunately, they have been on the rise. A good example is MetLife who was recently sued in federal court, in the Southern District of New York for $50 million dollars in unpaid overtime … Read more

New York Court Upholds 2017 Regulation of Title Insurance Companies

In late 2017, the New York Department of Financial Services (“DFS”) promulgated Insurance Regulation § 208 in an effort to protect purchasers of title insurance from excessive rates and ensure reasonable charges for ancillary services provided by title insurance companies. Following enactment of the regulation, it was contested in court by the New York State Land … Read more

NY Court Rules on Standard for Discovery of an Insurer’s Investigation File

In any litigation, information that is relevant or intended to lead to relevant information is discoverable unless it falls within an exception. Relevant information which is privileged such as communications between an attorney-client, physician-patient, and spouses as well as attorney work product are common exceptions to the discovery rule. In the context of insurance coverage … Read more

NY Court Limits Effectiveness of Blanket Additional Insured Riders for Construction Companies

Construction companies and contractors are required to maintain insurance not only for their benefit, but for the benefit of the owner of the property where they are providing services as “additional insureds.” Many companies use what is known as a “blanket additional insured rider” to provide the required coverage to the property owners. However, a recent court decision has significantly limited the effectiveness of blanket riders.

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