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When Is the Statute of Limitations Extended for a Continuous Wrong?

When someone sues another party, the lawsuit must be filed within a certain period of time after the wrongful act was committed. This is known as the statute of limitations and the period varies depending on the basis of the lawsuit (ex. breach of contract, personal injury, etc.). If a party tries to bring the … Read more

When Can You Sue for a Public or Private Nuisance?


When someone else’s conduct negatively impacts the use and enjoyment of your property, you may have a claim for nuisance. There are two types of nuisance actions: public nuisance and private nuisance. Each has its own requirements to establish a valid claim which varies significantly. A private nuisance action is a suit by an individual … Read more

Beware of Liability for Water Flowing onto Your Neighbor’s Property

Property owners often must make improvements to their properties in order to develop them, such as paving, leveling and changing the grade of their land. This process can change how surface waters flow across the property, and may unintentionally cause flooding as water may flow onto surrounding properties. This has historically been the subject of … Read more