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Can You Recover Your Money If You Accidentally Overpaid Someone?


Financial transactions happen every day all around the world. Interestingly, whether you’re buying a bottle of water or entering into a multi-million-dollar contract, many of the same basic rules apply. Among those rules are ones that govern what happens if you accidentally overpaid someone. It’s important to know what your obligations are when you pay … Read more

Can a Seller Get Consequential Damages From a Home Buyer Who Breaches the Contract?

Can a Seller Get Consequential Damages From a Home Buyer Who Breaches the Contract?

The general rule in New York is that consequential damages are not available to a seller of residential real estate when the purchaser breaches the contract of sale. Consequential damages are damages that result from a breach of contract but would not necessarily occur to every injured party; they are due to an injured party’s … Read more

Is Your Contract Enforceable?

During contract negotiations, parties often focus more on their verbal discussions than what is ultimately put in writing. However, when the optimism about the agreement fades and one party tries to avoid their obligations under a contract, the lack of attention paid to the details of the written contract can be problematic. A valid contract … Read more



Malpractice arises when a professional (doctor, lawyer, etc.) with a duty of care to a party acts in a negligent manner that causes harm to that party. Typically, the duty of care arises because there is a direct contractual relationship between the parties – that is, the plaintiff hired the defendant. However, in a recent … Read more