Does a Lease’s “No Pet” Provision Apply to Emotional Support Animals?

All landlords should know they cannot discriminate against those who are disabled. The New York Human Rights Law prohibits discrimination throughout the State on the basis of disability, including in housing situations. However, many landlords may not be aware of how broadly the law applies especially in light of a recent court decision protecting disabled … Read more

Access to Neighbor’s Property for Repairs and Improvements

When properties are close together, it can be difficult to repair or make improvements to your own property without accessing a neighbor’s property. Particularly within New York City, you will often be required to place protective structures on your neighbors’ property in order to get a permit. While the best solution to obtain access is to negotiate directly with your neighbors, what if negotiations fail? How can you still gain entry to the other property?

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When your employees’ statements can be held against you in court

Business owners may not realize that statements by their employees could be used as evidence against the business in litigation. An adversary seeking to introduce evidence of an employees’ statements does not even have to subpoena the employee to testify in court. Instead, the employees’ statements may be admissible hearsay under the rules of evidence. Although this is currently only allowed in limited circumstances, New York State is considering making the rule broader, which could have a significant impact on businesses.

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